I am very excited about the developing Alt-Right. I hope, in my very small way, to aid in the revitalization of Southern heritage and Western Civilization. I advocate for the interests of European derived peoples in the United States. Also, I love Europa and I will give her sustenance as best I can from over here in America. Ethnic tribalism runs to the very heart of politics. Universal political ideologies can only extend so far until they hit certain ethnic limits and then fall apart. Ethno-nationalism makes sense politically and works well as a general rule. I am a Calvinist Christian, who believes in the separation of church and state. I think that the state should be run according to laws of nature. It is the duty of the Church to minister to society according to opposite principles. Style of government ought to vary according to context while staying true to core laws of human nature. Cultural Marxism is rampant in the modern church because people are way too worried about “feels.” I advocate for the particular while retaining a belief in universal and objective standards of Truth, Beauty, and Justice.

If you want to contact me. Please email me at manlytask@gmail.com. I check it every couple of weeks.



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